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Our Structure

Praying Together

St. Paul is a wonderful church with several ministries for you to get involved in.  At St. Paul, we strive to ensure that each ministry is Christ-centered and empowered by the Holy Spirit.  We believe that our ministries should always keep the cross insight and reflect the heart and mind of Christ.  Philippians 2:5 says, “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus”.  We want to approach ministry in the way that Christ did.

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Christ was an amazing recruiter. John 1:35-51 shows how Christ begins to build His team of disciples. Each ministry has a Recruitment Division and point person that’s responsible for identifying potential members whose spiritual gis and heart are aligned with the ministry. 

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Christ taught and trained His disciples constantly (Mt. 7:28-29) and we must do the same. Each ministry at St. Paul has a Training Division and point person that’s dedicated to providing ongoing teaching and training for its members. The teaching division of the ministry is responsible for making sure each member understand the purpose of the ministry and continue to grow and develop as a Christian within the ministry. 

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Christ served God by serving others (Mk. 10:45) and we must do the same (Mt. 25:34- 40). Each ministry has a Service Division and point person that’s dedicated to seeking out opportunities for the ministry to impact lives within and outside of the church by showing the love of God and helping others. 

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Christ fellowshipped with His disciples and this is evident in John 12:1-2 when He took the time to have supper with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus as well as the other disciples. Each ministry has a Fellowship Division and points person that is responsible for planning fun activities, functions, and outings for the purpose of building Godly relationships and trust within the ministry that will foster an environment of trust and effectiveness. 

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