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Our Ministries

At St. Paul, our connection to God is strengthened through ministries. There is a place for you to exercise your spiritual gifts and talents to edify Jesus Christ. We encourage you to join a ministry and see the results in your spiritual life.

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The goal is to help New Members connect with Jesus Christ grow healthy and spiritual connections with leaders and other members of our congregation and grow in their passion to help others connect to God, motivating them to become involved.



Cultivates a musical atmosphere in our worshiping gatherings that is emphatically gospel-centered. They will lead our congregation to sing songs that explicitly celebrate the theological content of the gospel.



Educate, minister to, and include teens in the ministry of the church and follow up with the youths with a heart for understanding their special needs and a desire to include this valuable group of people in the ministry of the church. Influencing youth for Christ.



Record all services and church events, keep organized library recordings, and provide duplicate videos and tapes for the services. Promote good communication within the church and presenting a positive image of the church to the community through the use of social media.



Edifies the body of Christ through the service we render to all humanity through welcoming congregational members, visitors, family, and friends.  As a ministry, we also resolve to minister to the needs of others.


W.O.W Women

Planning and coordinating activities for women of the church to promote fellowship and spiritual growth and to address special needs of women.  Provide an opportunity for women to minister through the church.



Assisting the Pastor with the work of the ministry related to congregational care and ministering to the needs of church members. "If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also." John 12:26



Actively participating in the ministry to influence others for Christ and bring them into the church. Leading people to Christ and helping others in their spiritual growth. Our chief aim is to win converts to Christ.



It highlights Jesus' selfless love for all people. The goal is to make  St. Paul a welcoming, safe environment for all people, making them feel at home with us and assisting them with any needs they might have. Serving on this team provides believers of Christ an opportunity and outlet to extend this love of Christ.



We offer strong leadership in an effort to serve as a link between church congregation/neighborhood residents and community resources. The Health Ministry is a critical component in maintaining and improving the overall health and lives of our church members and neighborhood families. Equipping Believers, Enriching Persons.


Special Events

Comprised of a team of dedicated individuals who is responsible for the coordination, planning, design, and set-up for a variety of church-wide events and special projects within the calendar year.  The special events ministry strives to organize fun and entertaining celebrations that foster growth and fellowship among the members of the St. Paul family and the community.



Assist the church and community members with special needs during crisis situations:  unemployed, housing catastrophe, temporarily disable/hospitalized, unexpected expenses.  Serve as a task group to offer emotional, spiritual, and physical support to church members and regular attendees who are grieving the loss of a loved one.  

Our Ministry Efforts In Action

At St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, we have partnered with career professionals in the areas of mental health, relationships, finance, and more. Each week, we host live training sessions to help our members and our community to live a life of abundance in and outside of our local church.


Little Saints Academy

Little Saints Academy is a Faith-Based Early Childhood Education Center that serves the community and the church with quality affordable childcare. We emphasize on Language and Literature as we prepare our children to enter into Elementary School.


Iron Men

A ministry that builds up and helps the men of the church become spiritual leaders and provides an avenue of outreach to men in the community.

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